About Us

Welcome to IWS Healthcare, we are a healthcare agent providing online healthcare purchasing platform and ever ready to serve our wonderful customers through our website. We believe in making life better and we always upkeep a fresh perspective on the future of healthcare. We believe in meaningful solutions that make a real difference and ever ready to develop a partnership with our customers – with an understanding that quality healthcare extends outside the healthcare walls.

We provide the “Total Healthcare Solutions” to our clients; ranging from healthcare products provider, healthcare storage provider to being your healthcare delivery partner. We provide products, storage and delivery services right to your door step.

We conduct our business with integrity being the fundamental to a successful mission and strong values promoting a quality healthcare service. We hold the ethical values of respect, honesty and integrity in our business services – this is how we do our business.

We pride ourselves on being a very open company. It will be no surprise we have a vast range of workers from different background and ethnic – retirees, young mothers, students, part-timer, LGBT and etc. We strive hard to improve efficiency day over day.

We love our clients and appreciate your business!